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How To Check Your Delivery ETA.
How To Check Your Delivery ETA.
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On the day of delivery, we will always post a smaller 2-hour window for the delivery, directly on your Spud account. You can find this on the main page of the website where you will find banners on specials and other products.

Please note that this is an estimated time of arrival and may change if any delays occur.

We will update the ETA live if any delays should occur during the day. This can range from delays in the warehouse, to issues on the road such as road conditions / heavy traffic etc.

Once delivered, you will receive your final invoice via email as a notification, as well as a text message if text message communication is enabled on your account. Your online ETA will also change to show the exact time stamp of the completed delivery.

If you still need help or have any other questions please contact us

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