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To improve the security of our payments, we are bringing our payment procedure in line with current e-commerce regulations. Our system now runs a pre-authorization on every Spud order one day before the delivery date.

For security reasons, when you place any order with Spud, we must run a pre-authorization on your card for an amount slightly higher than your order total before discounts, to ensure that the card on file is valid. These funds are held at your bank, not by Spud directly.

It may appear that you have been charged twice, but rest assured, one charge is just the pre-authorization, and will be reversed when the actual payment is completed on the day after your order is delivered. Please note that it can take 3-7 business days for the funds to be released by the bank.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Please note that the final charge may be slightly lower than the original confirmation, due to some items being out of stock or substituted. This will be reflected in the final amount billed to your credit card.

If your card does not have sufficient funds for your purchase with Spud one day after your scheduled delivery day, then the final charge may get declined by your bank.

Once your order arrives, our system runs the actual charge as shown on your invoice and the pre-authorization is immediately released.

In the event that a pre-authorization is declined, we will send an email notifying you of the decline, allowing you the opportunity to update your payment method on file before the order is cancelled:

When a pre-authorization is declined due to insufficient funds or expired card credentials, you will have the ability to update your card on file through the website!

Once the new card information is saved, the system will run another pre-authorization in order to complete the delivery successfully.

Failure to update the method of payment after a declined pre-authorization will result in order cancellations.

We believe in complete transparency, and as such have added disclaimers to the following sections of the website:

  1. Payment Details Page:

  2. The Order Review page above where you complete your order:

The pre-authorization is released by Spud the day of delivery. We recommend if you are still not seeing the pre-authorization funds back in your account after 3-7 business days to please contact your bank to follow up.

If you still need help or have any other questions please contact us

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