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Here at Spud, we try our best to deliver fresh, healthy, and local items to as many people as possible! Our main warehouses are located across two provinces: Burnaby for British Columbia, and Calgary and Edmonton for Alberta!

While our warehouses may be in only those cities, that does not mean you have to live there to take advantage of groceries delivered to your doorstep! We deliver to many other areas near and far from our main warehouses.

To see if Spud is in your area, it’s as easy as clicking the button below and entering your postal code!

You can easily and quickly, search either by city, zooming into the city coloured areas on the map or simply by entering your postal code into the search box.

Immediately we will let you know what days we will be in your area!

Because our delivery areas are always being updated, sometimes our map does not include the newest areas right away.

Please feel free to contact us below with your postal code and we will be more than happy to double check your area!

If you still need help or have any other questions please contact us or chat with us live using the chat bubble on the bottom right of this page!

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