At SPUD, we are proud to work with local artisan bakers and producers to bring you fresh baked goods, made that day and delivered to your door. In fact, this is one aspect of our service we are most proud of – it not only brings customers their favorite fresh baked items, but it helps support local businesses!

When ordering these items, here’s how it works:

  • You shop, add the item to your cart, and confirm the order.

  • Once the item order deadline is reached, the order is immediately provided to the local business, who makes it fresh the morning of your delivery!

  • If you choose to remove it from your cart after the item order deadline, it goes to our food waste pile, which is then composted.

So, while we strive to ensure customers have the most choice and flexibility with their ordering, if there’s one way you can contribute to reducing food waste with us, it’s to keep that order and not remove it once it’s confirmed! This is just one more way we at SPUD are striving to reduce our overall food waste.

While we’re good (we have the lowest food waste of all grocery stores), we want to be even better. We hope you can help with that!

We have a mission towards sustainability. Among other things, this means we keep a low inventory to reduce food waste as much as possible. It also means we receive several Fresh Daily items that require vendor lead time and can impact delivery times and availability!

  1. Delivery Times - Many freshly made items such as baked goods or specialty ordered items are not stored at our warehouse and we are often left waiting for the vendor to deliver the order in time before orders are packed.

    Fresh Daily deliveries cannot be sent out any earlier due to this, so orders containing these items will only be sent out with afternoon or evening trucks. There are times that if there are delays from the vendor, delivery ETA’s may need to be pushed back so the item can still be packed.

    For those of you within the selected areas that have time slots available, Fresh Daily items will not be available for ordering if you've selected the "9am - 3pm" delivery window. In those instances, all Fresh Daily items will be listed as unavailable with messaging to let you know that it cannot be delivered within that time slot.

  2. Product Availability - You may place an order right up until 8pm the night before delivery in British Columbia, and 10pm in Alberta. This applies to most of our items at SPUD, though Fresh Daily items may require some additional lead time to ensure we can place an accurate order with our vendor. This helps us to avoid food waste and get you the freshest possible product.

    Items requiring vendor lead time will have a separate item order deadline stated within the item listing.

To maximize our sustainability and minimize our food waste we partner with hundreds of local makers and producers daily to receive products and fulfill your orders. To ensure you receive fresh, quality products and to respect the work capacity of our local vendors there are items on our site that are only available during select days. Changing your delivery time may impact the availability of these items.

If you still need help or have any questions, please contact us.

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