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Communication Preferences
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By default the communication preferences are left unchecked to allow a customer the opportunity to customize the preferences based on customer needs. This will allow you the freedom to decide and customize the types of notification you will receive about your orders and deliveries.

To edit your communications preferences for your Spud account, follow these steps:

  1. Under the drop down menu where it says your name, click on the communication tab located within the "More Preferences" section.​

    On this page you can edit and modify different ways in which to receive communication about your deliveries and orders.

  2. Check any of the boxes in each category to edit or update the preferences for your account. Don't forget to submit your changes!​

Did you know we will also send text notifications directly to your cell phone regarding your deliveries? You will receive both an email and text to let you know about important updates with your orders on your delivery day.

Having trouble opting in or out of promotional SMS/Text and email alerts from Spud?
Text "SPUD" to 778322 to start receiving SMSs about exclusive offers and promotions or text "STOP" anytime to 778322 to stop receiving the marketing communication instantly.

Please Note: If you opt-in or out of emails or texts using this webpage instead, then it can take up to 10 days for marketing SMSs and emails to stop or start.
For SMSs, you can still opt in or out anytime instantly by texting the keywords mentioned above to 778322

Having trouble receiving SMS updates regarding your Spud delivery?
Text "SPUD" to 1-866-858-7345 to start receiving SMS updates about your delivery status on the day of the scheduled delivery. For US number text "SPUD" to 313131.

Please Note: We strongly advise against opting out of Spud delivery SMS updates. These SMSs will help you track your order and we recommend transferring any fresh items such as dairy, produce and proteins to the fridge as soon as possible once your order is delivered.

If you still need help or have any other questions please contact us

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