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How to Schedule a Bin Pick Up
How to Schedule a Bin Pick Up
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Our drivers are trained to collect the empty SPUD bins each time they arrive to deliver your next order. If you have an upcoming order scheduled you can leave your empty bins out in a visible place on the morning of your delivery. The driver will pick-up your empty bins when they are delivering your new order.

Returning bins strengthens our closed loop delivery system. Your participation makes it possible for us to deliver groceries efficiently and sustainably.

  1. Schedule a bin pick up directly on your SPUD account! This is a quick and convenient way to schedule a pick up for the following default delivery day.

    To find this, head over to your SPUD account drop down menu under your name. Look for the "Delivery Bins" page located in the "More Preferences" section and click on this option. You will then be able to schedule a bin pick up directly from this page and for the very next day default delivery day.

    Please Note: In the event that there are no bins signed out under your account, you will not be able to schedule a bin pick up online. Please reach out using one of the below methods instead!

  2. The quickest way is to call our Community Care help line. Our agents will be happy to assist you and can schedule the bin pick up for the next available day we are in your area.

  3. You can Email in the bin pick up request. Please note that our reply response time for emails is within 48 hours. For any time sensitive inquiries we would recommend giving us a quick call to ensure the bin pick up is scheduled in a timely manner.

  4. Alternately, you may drop your bins, boxes, and packing materials such as foil metal bags and ice packs to any of our Blush Lane/Be Fresh retail locations!

    Unfortunately, there are no drop off points for our Vancouver Island customers at this time.

    If you still need help or have any other questions please contact us

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