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We have learned a lot about how plastic affects our environment and we want to make an impact. We know our customers are just as passionate about sustainability as we are, so we are excited to provide more ways for you to be part of the solution with us!

We take back select packaging from Nature's Path products, as well as Be Fresh stand-up pouches, and the packaging materials your orders are packed with. Follow these three easy steps to join in on the fun!

  1. Shop eligible products such as Be Fresh, Nature's Path, Avalon glass bottles, and Earnest Ice Cream Jars.

  2. Return these standup pouches you received from us into your Spud bin along with any eligible products purchased from us, reusable packing materials like ice packs, freezer jackets, plastic produce bags, and dry ice.

  3. We will recycle and reuse all returned packaging

See our selection of products in reusable packaging and say Hello to More Reuse!

If you still need help or have any other questions please contact us.

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