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We have enhanced our delivery service and have added new capabilities that make it easier for customers to preview their orders, swap their delivery day, change their delivery to a store pickup or vice versa, choose a delivery timeframe (select areas only), and start a new order!

You can access your delivery calendar at any time by clicking on the "Manage Calendar" button, located in the drop down calendar next to your name.

Wondering if your order is confirmed? You will see a dot on your selected delivery or pickup day. If the dot is red, it indicates that your order is not yet confirmed. To ensure your order is confirmed your cart value must be above $60-$125 (ranges based on your location) before your order deadline. All items in your cart must be confirmed at the checkout page. Once confirmed the dot on your delivery or pickup day will turn black.

You may also have noticed that your shopping cart has changed! The colors of your cart are representative of the status of your order:

Black: Your cart will remain black when you have no items placed for delivery. Your cart value is $0.00

Red: Your order is not confirmed, or the value is below the order minimum for your area. Your cart will remain red until your order exceeds our minimum spend requirements.

Green: A green cart means your order is confirmed.

The (!) symbol on your cart means that an item(s) has been added or removed from your cart and that your changes have not yet been confirmed. You will need to review and confirm your order to remove this point.

You can swap your delivery days regardless of the status of your order.

You can identify your current order on the calendar as the date will be circled in dark green. The number of items in your cart will be visible, you will also be able to identify if your order is confirmed or not (keep an eye out for the red or black dot.) Your order progress on your delivery / pickup day is also tracked here.

If you have items in your cart for future deliveries the delivery timeframe, number of items in your order and cart value will be shown.

To edit your order from the delivery calendar, simply click ‘Edit Order’ to make changes to your current or future orders.

To start a new order, select your delivery day from your available dates. Upon selection you will have the opportunity to start a new order and select your delivery timeframe (select areas only) .

Please note, If you already have an order in the system that has not yet been delivered, we will ask for verification as to whether you want to move this order to the new delivery day or start a new order.

When you select a new delivery / pickup date on your calendar you will be asked if you want to move the cart from your existing order or start a new order. You choose your preference. At this stage you will be able to select the pickup location and your delivery timeframe (select areas only)

You can also change your delivery to a pick up through your calendar. Select your current order on the calendar, you will have the option to remain with delivery to your preselected address or swap to a pickup order from your closest location. The same can also be done if you wish to change your pickup order to delivery. Changes must be submitted prior to your order deadline.

If you still need help or have any other questions please contact us below, or chat with us live using the chat bubble on the bottom right of this page!

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