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Spud vs. Traditional Grocery Store
Spud vs. Traditional Grocery Store
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We asked Carla Pelligrini the director of Food Stash Foundation to try it out!

Carla made a meal plan for the week, she then ordered the groceries at Spud one week, and got the same groceries at a traditional supermarket the next week. We compared the receipts, and she made notes on her overall shopping experience and the quality of products she was able to obtain. See the below comparison for details on how Carla saved both time, money, and carbon with Spud vs a traditional grocery store. For more tips on saving with Spud visit our page here and our 4 ways to save with SPUD.

Comparing Prices & Product Quality:


Traditional Supermarket

Time Spent

20 Minutes

1 Hour

Amount of Organic Produce

33 Items

14 Items

Produce Cost



Total Cost

$159.58 (Including membership credit)


Average Distance Traveled to Store

1,657.5 KM / Food Item (Spud Vancouver Average)

3,042 km/ Food Item (Canadian Average)

Savings with Spud vs. a Traditional Grocery Store:

Including Carla’s $20 credit for earning points, by being a Spud member she mentioned the following benefits:

  • $8 cheaper at Spud

  • 63% more organic choices

  • Free delivery to her door, not to mention not having to carry heavy groceries around

  • 1 Hour Saved

  • Reduced carbon emissions! Not only did Carla take her own car off the road by carpooling her groceries with Spud, but by prioritizing local produce, she was also able to reduce her overall food miles.

Food Stash works to save perfectly good food from being composted or going to landfill. Instead, they re-distribute it to their partners, by adding rescued food to their food boxes and distributing it through their rescued food market and community fridge. We have been working with Food Stash for the month of January to rescue food from our warehouse and re-distribute to their partners to help those facing food insecurity. Spud has created DIY Banana Smoothie Recipe and the DIY Rescued Apple Pie, both recipes allow you to fight food waste, with all proceeds from the sale of imperfect fruit purchased in the Lower Mainland being donated to the Food Stash Foundation. In our work with Food Stash, we have been able to donate $5K in food donations to reduce waste and help those in need.

If you still need help or have any other questions please contact us

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