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Office Program - Produce Ripeness
Office Program - Produce Ripeness
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When it comes to fresh produce, ripeness can often be an concern. We understand that receiving a product you are not able to enjoy can be disappointing.

While no retailer can guarantee "perfect" produce, here at Spud we strive to send slightly under-ripe produce so that YOU can decide when it's ripe to your tastes.

Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate specific requests for ripeness as it is generally the case that all of our stock is similar in age, especially in the case of popular fruits such as avocadoes & bananas.

We recommend keeping bananas you are attempting to ripen in a closed paper bag to contain the ethylene gas that the ripening fruit releases which in turn acts as a signal to the fruit to ripen even faster. Always ripen Bananas at room temperature and do not refrigerate them.

For tips and tricks on ripening Avocados, check out this BLOG!

As always, we are proud to stand by our 100% satisfaction guarantee and would be happy to offer a refund for any bananas that do not meet your quality expectations.

We recommend reporting any spoiled or missing items as soon as possible. We do not accept any returns or exchanges. All invoices are considered accurate after 14 days and will be ineligible for refunds. Refunds on account Profiles are valid on the primary account only. Spud Reserves the right to deny refunds at any time.

If you have any questions relating to our office program, please reach out to our team at

If have any other questions please contact us

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