The Fresh Harvest Box is a deliciously customizable box of fresh local and organic fruits and vegetables in peak season, selected by our SPUD produce experts, delivered to your door.

How it Works:

Choose a Box Size:

Big family? Single? No problem! Select or customize your box size to align with your family’s needs and budget. The price of Fresh Harvest Boxes will vary depending on your dietary and family needs. You determine the price you will pay for your box. Select your desired value, either from the guided size options we provide or by customizing a value that works best for you.

Top Tip:

While we suggest values you can tell us how much you want to spend, and we will build a box to suit your budget!

Choose Your Frequency

Want an order every week or every two weeks? Just want one box this time? No problem, just let us know what you prefer.

Customize Your Box

Curated weekly to ensure variety, you can remove and swap the produce so you only receive what you will eat.

Swap any produce item in your order! Don't like carrots? One click puts any fruit or vegetable you don't like in your "never send" list. One of the best things about our Fresh Harvest Box is that you can customize the contents to meet your needs and wants.

Produce options are curated on a weekly basis to ensure seasonal variety is offered. Prior to your order cut-off deadline, you can remove or swap items from your Fresh Harvest Box. To reduce food waste and avoid getting produce you know you don’t like, you can build out a list of your product preferences which we will consider when building out your box.

Please note doing this could impact the final cost of your box.

Top Tip:

You can build out a preference list and let us know what you do or don’t want to see in your box

Important to note: As both market prices and availability can vary throughout the season, the price you pay for your box may vary ±$3 on each order. Portion sizes are approximate and are estimated on a week’s worth of produce per person.

How do I save 5%?

Why not add savings? Save 5% when you have a Fresh Harvest Box in your cart, and your spend on produce is $50+!

Add a Fresh Harvest Box to your order and spend a minimum of $50 on produce to receive 5% savings. The value of your Fresh Harvest Box does not need to be $50 but you do need to spend $50 on produce to redeem your savings. You can add fresh fruits and vegetables directly to your cart to bring your total produce spend over the minimum spend requirement.

A 5% discount on produce is only offered when a Fresh Harvest Box is in your cart.

If the value of your produce spend drops below $50 or you remove the Fresh Harvest Box from your cart you will not be eligible for the 5% discount

Top Tip:

If the value of your box is below $50, you can add additional produce to your cart to bring you up to the minimum spend

If you are unsatisfied with the quality or freshness of an item in your Fresh Harvest Box please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Community Care team, alternatively, you can provide an image and request a refund through your account profile.

If you still need help or have any other questions please contact us

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