Our Commitment to Being Your Most Sustainable Grocer

At Spud we work hard to make local food more accessible and sustainable. Our sustainability commitment includes reducing waste and operating efficiently so our customers, local producers and the planet can benefit. By ordering groceries through Spud, you’re helping us maintain a closed loop delivery system that reuses packing materials and sources and delivers locally and efficiently. This is what we pride ourselves on and what sets us apart from other grocers.

Below are some FAQs you might be wondering about:

1. How to Request a Bin Pick-Up:

We aren’t just carpooling your groceries, we will also carpool your bins for you. We pick up bins on route with other shoppers’ groceries. Let us do the heavy lifting while you just click the button below to request a pickup for your reusable bin. Then, you simply place your bin back in the same single location where it was dropped off and let the sustainability magic happen.

In the rare event that your order should come packed in cardboard boxes, please flatten them and leave them out for pick up when your next order arrives, if you would like to know more about what happens to that cardboard box, read our blog on our cutting-edge cardboard shredder!

2. Reusables:

Place any reusable items back into the bin/box for your scheduled pickup. These items include:

  • Freezer packs

  • Freezer sleeves (silver bubble packs)

  • Reusable glass jars from Avalon, Jarr and Earnest Ice Cream

  • Pink plastic single use pouches from BeFresh products (we are turning these into outdoor furniture with Terracycle!)

If you have any questions relating to our office program, please reach out to our team at office@spud.ca.

If have any other questions please contact us

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